DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 – TV Review

Season 1 of the show was fairly decent. Some characters were really good, some were kind of bad. Season 2 is better, but there’s still some not great characters and episodes.

Picking up after last season, season 2 finds the Legends still going about their routine missions of stopping time aberrations and saving the timeline. However, when Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash, gets involved, things get all hectic. Thawne wants the Spear of Destiny, a spear that pierced Jesus Christ so he can rewrite the timeline so that he never ceased to exist. He enlists the help of Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk and, eventually, Captain Cold and they form the Legion of Doom, this seasons big bads. Things go wrong and Rip erases his memory and breaks the spear into pieces and winds up in film school with Geroge Lucas before briefly becoming a rather sinister bad guy.

Strangely, Rip is actually a better character when he’s a bad guy. As a hero he is kind of wasted and, when he eventually rejoins the team, he’s just there. He serves little purpose. The role of captain has been taken over by Sara, who gets a lot of stuff to do but I seem to be the only one who thinks that she is pretty annoying and not as well acted as the rest of the cast. Newcomer Nate joins the team and gets some powers of his own and also forms a great bromance with Ray, who is always a joy to watch. Mick gets a lot more to do and his story plays out quite interestingly towards the end of the season where he briefly turns against the legends. Another newcomer is Amaya, a past version of the hero Vixen. She’s okay too, but she doesn’t really have a story arc that does her justice. Jax and Stein are also very good still, but similarly don’t really get too many big things to play with.

Everyone is okay to decent to pretty good in this series, and the story is reasonably good too. This season makes much more use of the time travel aspect and sees the Legends visiting many more interesting timelines such as feudal Japan, the old West, the prehistoric era, medieval times and the First World War. Famous figures popping up include J.R.R. Tolkein and George Lucas which are all fun’ but sometimes a bit contrived. The action is still really good, as are the special effects on the whole. Everything is watchable and enjoyable and what it tries to do with some of the characters is very interesting, it’s just that it doesn’t hit with everyone.

But that’s what this show is. It’s a lighter and more fun take on the DCTV Universe than that of ‘Arrow‘. These characters enjoy themselves and have some good banter as they visit various times throughout history and inevitably mess it up. It’s a fun show, even if it isn’t an amazing one. There’s some nice set up for next season too, with the Legends seemingly breaking the timeline with their adventures to defeat the Legion and save the world. Now they have to fix the world.



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