Kingsman: The Secret Service – Film Review

Matthew Vaughn is a very good director. He started off like Guy Ritchie and has now become almost a better version of him. And ‘Kingsman‘ is no exception to that. Filled to the brim with fun action and comedy, it’s a great modern spy blockbuster of a movie.

Colin Firth is a gentleman secret agent for the Kingsman organisation who recruits Taron Egerton’s Eggsy into the service to stop Samuel L. Jackson’s megalomaniac from taking over the world. It’s pretty standard spy movie stuff, but it gets away with it by chucking in some throwaway lines about old, classic spy movies and by being really really fun. Taron Egerton is the breakout star. He’s a great actor and brings a real energy to the role. Colin Firth, as always, is great, but here he’s excellent. He’s got some awesome action and great lines and brings real class to the gentleman spy agency.

Sofia Boutella plays Jackson’s blade legged henchman, giving her an extra deadly quirk. Jackson himself plays his blood hating villain with a lisp, an odd choice but somehow works quite well. And what would Bond be with a Q? Mark Strong plays Merlin, the technician and trainer of the Kingsman agents.

But awesome action is the main attraction here. This is like a Bond film of the 60’s in the modern age. Wacky and over the top but seriously fun. The set pieces are fast paced and energetic, filmed with style by Vaughn and set to a rousing score and with some great lines and jokes. In particular, one scene set in a church is a clear standout, with incredible filming and incredible action choreography. The film is bright and bold and doesn’t hold back at all. And it benefits from it. It’s sometimes crass and at times a little brutal, but it’s all in the name of balls to the wall fun.

A step up for the modern spy genre. Whilst Bond shouldn’t, nor likely ever will be, like this again, it’s a great throwback to the spy films of the past and does a great job of updating them for the modern era. Energetic and fun, I’m excited to see where this franchise goes next!



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