Edge of Tomorrow/Live. Die. Repeat. – Film Review

In a world of sequels, remakes and franchises, it’s nice to see a fresh original movie come out that’s actually pretty awesome. Yes, it may be ‘Groundhog Day‘ meets ‘Independence Day‘, but boy what a day it turns out to be!

Tom Cruise is a public relations guy in the army during a dark time when Earth has been invaded by alien ‘mimics’ that are slowly but surely winning the war against humans. Cruise is forced into combat though he is inexperienced and finds himself on the front line of a beach attack against the aliens. The humans suffer heavy losses and Tom Cruise himself even dies! But then he wakes up again at the beginning of the day, living it over and over again. He slowly becomes a better fighter and, along with the help of Emily Blunt’s hero soldier, fights to find a way to defeat the aliens once and for all. It’s very original and very inventive, plus also very cool!

Tom Cruise has always been a pretty great actor and has usually played the same sort of character. Here is not much different. He starts off as a bit of a cocky coward but eventually comes into his own as an action hero. He’s got charm, charisma and is actually a bit funnier than he usually is in movies. Plus, if you don’t like him, you get to see him die in a large variety of different ways! Some are brutal, some are cool, even some are funny. Hearing him do a little yelp as he rolls under a truck wheel accidentally is surprisingly hilarious. But he’s his usual great Tom Cruise self and it works. Starring alongside him is Emily Blunt as Sergeant Vrataski, a skilled fighter and very knowledgeable about the aliens and Cruise’s new found time loop powers. She’s really great. She fits the bill of supreme action hero really well and she’s very competent. She teaches Cruise a thing or two here and i’s good to see her be just as much a hero as him. She’s so badass!

The special effects and creature designs for this film are great. The mimics look really weird. They’re like these metallic squid things that move and shake around a lot. They’re really creepy but also really cool. The special effects look nearly flawless. When the humans storm the beach and they  find the aliens waiting for them the battle is big and explosive. There’s planes being blown up everywhere and everyone is wearing those sweet looking exo-suits. Those are particularly awesome as, though they look a little heavy to wear, they have guns in the arms and all sorts of cool stuff.

Director Doug Liman does a great job of shooting the massive action set pieces and then keeping the focus of Cruise and his mission. The way they show his progression from unskilled coward to amazing super soldier is pretty good and the way the constant deaths and restarts are handled doesn’t make you tired or lose track of anything at all. It’s all really good stuff.

Edge of Tomorrow‘ or ‘Live. Die. Repeat.‘ or whatever they want to call it now is actually a really great film that probably didn’t get the exposure it needed when it first came out. It might have a similar conceit to ‘Groundhog Day‘ and ‘Source Code‘, but it is definitely able to stand up as being as great as those. A super fun action film.



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