50 First Dates – Film Review

Look, I don’t like Adam Sandler, you don’t like Adam Sandler. Nobody really likes Adam Sandler. His movies that is. At the very least, few people would admit to liking them. He has one or two good ones, but mostly they’re just duds. This is mostly a dud, but in a weird way I kind of like it. Only a bit though…

Adam Sandler’s Henry is a ladies man. He loves his one night stands he does. Not that that is really addressed again after about the first 5 minutes. Then he meets Drew Barrymore’s Lucy and he instantly takes a liking to her. And she to him. They arrange to meet the next day only, she doesn’t remember him at all. Turns out that she has a form of short term memory loss and forgets the events of every day once she goes to sleep. So Adam Sandler Henry tries to woo her day after day and help her overcome her illness. It’s pretty weird a heavily relies on Sandler’s comedy. Which isn’t great…

There’s some funny parts. Really there are. And there’s a hint of emotion occasionally. But the whole film feels a little rushed and ham-fisted with the way it deals with everything. Not many of the emotions actually feel very genuine. Sandler goes from ladies man to honestly pursuing Barrymore in a matter of minutes and it just seems out of character. If he had much of a character that is. He doesn’t really. Nor does Barrymore that much. She does a decent enough job of acting the part, maybe the best in the film, but the character just isn’t very developed. Even if she does reset every day.

Yes, this film did make me cry. Most rom-coms do. I think mainly it was the sadness of her condition and that even when things get happy they’re still really sad. Also I had quite a lot of red wine. But in the end it isn’t the worst film in the world. There’s a couple of bright spots here and there, even if there are quite a few dull ones.

As Adam Sandler movies go, this isn’t the worst. It isn’t the best either, but when they have an average quality that isn’t that great at all, this one being slightly better than the other means it actually ranks fairly highly in the Sandler-scale. Still, it could be much better. Best served with a bottle of red wine.



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