The Great Escape – Film Review

This is one of those classic films that you have to watch because everyone knows it and everyone loves it. It’s based on a true story of real heroism and grit and with it being brought to life by a fantastic cast just makes it all the more incredible.

Stalag Luft III is a German prison camp. It is populated by allied soldiers of all nationalities. British, American, others. I can’t remember them all. But to upset the German officers and cause some chaos behind enemy lines, the allies team up to plot a daring mass escape to either earn their freedom or cause enough of a distraction to the Nazis that the free allies have more of a chance. It’s a story of heroes, of bravery and of sheer courage and ingenuity as these soldiers plot their escape and work their hardest to make it successful.

The cast is really fantastic. Steve McQueen is his usual cool guy self. He’s always causing trouble and making life difficult for the Germans. James Garner is the crafty one who can somehow always get the things people need. Tools, food, anything. Richard Attenborough puts in an excellent performance as the Squadron Leader that runs the whole operation. He’s really endearing to watch and he has such a great screen presence. The always great Charles Bronson is, well, always great and the rest of the all star cast including Donald Pleasence, James Coburn and James Donald are equally fantastic. All in all, it’s a rather well cast film!

And who can forget the music?! That theme tune is almost impossible to forget once it’s in your head. You’ll be whistling it for days as you think back on how great this film is. It has it all. Comedy, action, emotion and darkness. It’s weird that it’s kind of uplifting even though it is actually a very harrowing film. Things do get pretty dark at time, but you always come out with hope and joy and feeling like you enjoyed yourself. Strangely.

This really is a classic. It’s a must see. It’s epic, it’s a real rousing film and most of all the cast are really really great. It’s worth it just for seeing Steve McQueen jump a fence on a motorbike. Pretty awesome! It’s an oldie but a goldie.



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