Gone Girl – Film Review

I don’t read too many books. I want to and sometimes I try, but I just never find the time and end up forgetting about them. So when a film comes out based on a book that’s meant to be really good, I try and watch it. And thankfully, I watched ‘Gone Girl‘ because it is great.

Nick Dunne and his wife Amy have a strained relationship. This becomes a very public strain after Amy goes missing in mysterious circumstances and Nick becomes the prime suspect. A full scale investigation is launched, with Nick looking increasingly more guilty. But Nick also starts his own investigation and uncovers new information that reveals things are not as they seem. Oooohh… Mysterious! It’s a really interesting mystery actually and the way it unravels with new twists and turns makes it really enjoyable and satisfying to watch. There’s a lot of character exploration as the story goes and the film makes you question some things that maybe you hadn’t thought about before.

The cast are all fantastic. Ben Affleck puts in a great performance as the put upon Nick. We’re made to think that he didn’t do it, and it seems pretty clear that he didn’t do it, but the guy is such a jerk at times that you start to wonder if maybe he did. He’s a complicated protagonist as we want him to succeed, we feel sorry for him at times and we follow his investigation for most of the film, but then things are revealed and we see he’s not the nicest guy ever and can sometimes be quite the antagonist. But the real star of the movie is Rosamund Pike as Amy. She’s incredible. Her performance is so nuanced and yet she manages to convey so much emotion behind it. She has a very interesting story in the film and has some very memorable moments that are really great.

The supporting cast all put in great performances too with Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Carrie Coon and Kim Dickens all holding their own against the two main stars. One star you won’t be seeing though is both author of the book and screenwriter of the film Gillian Flynn. She has crafted a really great story here. One of mystery and intrigue that twists and turns and leaves you not completely satisfied by the end but in a good way. If that makes sense? It might do. But she manages to really get to the bottom of these characters by putting them in this very exposing situation and examine themes of marriage and love. And it’s perfect for director David Fincher.

Fincher is one of the best and this film is no different. It’s dark and mysterious and tense, signatures of a Fincher film. And just like other Fincher films, it’s really great. It’s a real thriller from start to finish as you slowly unravel the case and the characters with it. Well crafted and a real interesting story. Another win for Fincher and co.



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