Dirty Dancing – Film Review

We all know it and you all should love it. It’s a timeless classic and a film that your mother is bound to love. And if you just know it for the music, you should really think about sorting that out.

Baby and her rich family travel to a massive hotel resort up in the mountains for a nice little vacation. It seems like a pretty horrible holiday, surrounded by rich snobs and lots of awful looking family activities. But Baby starts to enjoy things a bit more when she falls in with the staff dance crowd and befriends cool guy Johnny Castle. Soon, 17 year old Baby not only knows how to dance, but also falls in love. It may sounds like a bit of a silly and soppy story, but actually touches on deeper themes that you might think. Yes it’s about love, but it’s also about Baby becoming a woman. Her name isn’t really Baby, that’s just a nickname that stuck. This film is about her leaving that nickname behind and becoming Frances.

The two stars are perfectly cast and their chemistry is electric. Jennifer Grey as Baby is great. She’s naive, in love and always full of energy. Patrick Swayze is super cool as Johnny and has the confidence and swagger that I assume comes with being the lead dancer at a resort in the 60’s. The rest of the cast is great too but these two are obviously the focus and they do work really well together. Every scene they’re in they bounce off one another and you really get the sense that their love is real.

The film also deals with some themes that generally aren’t touched upon usually in these sorts of films. Namely, unplanned pregnancy and abortion. It’s not in the film much but just serves as another wake up call for Baby that the world isn’t all fun and games and there’s a time when you have to grow up. She also has to deal with her annoying sister who is also having trouble with boys and then her father wanting to control her future too much. It’s all happening for Baby on this family holiday!

But then there’s the happy stuff. Mainly, the music and the dancing. It’s all choreographed really well and the music is really great. The soundtrack features some great tunes and they fit the scenes really well. And when you get to that final dance scene set to everyone’s favourite end of disco song ‘(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life‘ it all works so perfectly that you’ll almost be up dancing yourself. It’s a really enjoyable end and you can’t help but have a smile on your face.

‘Dirty Dancing’ may not be the greatest but it is still a classic. The romance, the dancing… it’s got it all! A real crowd pleaser of a film and a very memorable one too. It might not be the best time of your life, but it will definitely be a time.



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