The Incredibles – Film Review

Even now in the days where a new superhero movie comes out every couple of months, this classic from 2004 still holds up as one of the best around. And considering the high quality of some of the movies coming out now, that’s pretty amazing.

Superheroes are out of business and in hiding. The government got fed up with all their damage and resulting lawsuits led to them all packing up and retiring to normal lives. Not content with not being a superhero, Bob Parr goes behind his wife’s back and continues to work as Mr. Incredible. But when a new threat endangers his entire family, all of them must suit up and use their powers to save the world once again! This may be a story about superheroes, but this is a movie about family first and foremost.

And that’s why it works so well. It’s about the troubles between a husband a wife, parents and their kids. The kids have struggles of their own too. But really, these guys are just struggling to live their normal lives when they have such fantastical powers. There’s a whole lot of emotion in the midst of this crazy superhero story and that’s what makes it really great. All families have their struggles. It’s relatable. And seeing this family work out their problems and come together to save the world is really enjoyable.

This is a Pixar movie, so of course the animation is really great. The designs of the characters are all really individual and work really well in the context of the story. Mr. Incredible is impossibly strong, so of course he’s a huge mass of man. And there’s some really cool powers in there too. Mr. Incredible’s wife is Elastigirl, who can stretch herself into any shape. Their daughter Violet can turn invisible and create forcefields and their son Dash can run at super speed. It’s all really cool and makes for some really great actions scenes where the family are using their powers to take out the bad guys. There’s also Frozone, who can freeze water and skate along on awesome ice trails!

The voice cast are all fantastic too. Craig T. Nelson fits perfectly as Mr. Incredible. He’s got a deep voice that just sounds as powerful as his actual strength. Holly Hunter as Mrs. Incredible also works amazingly well, and she’s able to capture that tired and overworked mother tone whilst also being really loving and passionate for her family. Jason Lee as baddie Syndrome is really great, managing to sound both crazy and like a whiny little brat at the same time. And, no pun intended, but Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone plays it really cool and, though he’s not in the film all that much, he’s really great.

Director Brad Bird managed to do a great job of finding the heart of the story with ‘The Iron Giant‘ and he does it again here. When all the explosions are over and done with, it’s just a story about a family learning to live with each other and love one another the way they should. It’s really touching and something that you don’t often get in superhero movies. ‘The Incredibles‘ really is a fantastic movie and everyone should see it.



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