This Is the End – Film Review

When Adam Sandler gets together to make a movie with his buddies, it usually ends pretty badly. When Seth Rogen gets together with his buddies to make a film, it’s comedy gold.

Jay Baruchel has come to L.A. to visit his old buddy Seth Rogen. Jay gets roped into attending James Franco’s party at his new house, but things get worse when the biblical apocalypse begins and Jay, Seth and James find themselves stuck inside the house with Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson and Danny McBride and trying their best to survive. The story is great and not to mention utterly hilarious. It even touches on some emotional themes too about friendship and being kind to one another.

The cast all plays exaggerated versions of themselves and they’re all fantastic. They are all completely individual people and all play up their certain characters. Seth and Jay make great best friends, even if they do experience their difficulties over the course of the movie. Craig Robinson is everybody’s friend and gets some really funny moments, as does Jonah Hill and the guy who wants to be everybody’s best friend. Franco makes for a great host a bit of a jerk and Danny McBride works perfectly as the antagonistic member of the group, causing more problems than any of them solve. There are some hilarious cameos by Michael Cera, Rihanna, Emma Watson and especially Channing Tatum too, and I barely stop laughing for the entire movie.

For what seems like a low budget comedy idea, the special effects used to bring some of the monsters to life looks incredible! It doesn’t look real exactly, but it looks really really cool. And the jokes throughout the movie work so well. Even if some of them seem a little juvenile, even if some of them are pretty stupid, everything is hilarious. You can tell that a lot of this must have been improvised and it really just feels like a group of mates having a great time together. And for a movie with quite a thin premise, it stretches out quite well. There are problems to overcome, conflicts had and even just a lot of messing about from time to time. This movie never stops being hilarious.

Honestly, this is one of my favourite comedy films out there. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have crafted such a great movie about friendship during (extremely) hard times. It’s just a real good laugh and an easy watch to just put on and enjoy purely for the fact that the cast are enjoying themselves so much. It resonates and makes it so much fun. I don’t think I will ever stop laughing at this film. Ever.



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