Spider-Man: Homecoming – Film Review

In my mind, the last great Spider-Man film was in 2004 with ‘Spider-Man 2‘. But now, thanks to a deal between Marvel Studios and Sony, we finally have another great Spider-Man film!

Fresh out of ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ Peter Parker heads back to college and back to the daily grind of stopping petty crimes. He still hopes to be called up to for Avengers duty, but decides to try and prove himself by stopping some illegal alien weapons sales that are occurring more frequently. These weapons sales are headed up by Michael Keaton’s Vulture, a guy who got screwed over by Tony Stark so took matters into his own hands to provide for his family. It’s a great story about a smaller hero and a kid who just wants to prove himself.

Tom Holland is perfect as Spider-Man and Peter Parker. He’s so excitable, so naive and really seems like a kid in the way previous actors haven’t. He gets out of his depth and seems really scared a lot of the time. But he also just wants to prove himself to Tony Stark, the father figure he never had. It’s really touching and Holland nails every scene perfectly. Keaton as the villain is similarly really good. He actually seems pretty menacing and even has some backstory to him that makes you sympathise with him a little. Jacob Batalon and Zendaya as Peter’s friends are also really good and all the kids have great chemistry. Marisa Tomei is good as a slightly different version of Aunt May and the rest of the cast also does a great job.

There are some characters that don’t get as much to do as others though. The two Shockers don’t really get much to do beyond a few brief action scenes, as does the Tinkerer. Thankfully, Tony Stark isn’t in this film nearly as much as the trailers would have you believe. This is a Spider-Man film through and through. Brief appearances by Iron Man and Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan are a nice surprise when they do occur though and it’s nice to see some crossover.

The films trikes a really good balance between homour, emotion and a slightly dark tone at times. It perfectly reflects that high school kind of experience with all the dramas that go on there, with some superhero shenanigans thrown in too. The humour works really well and is actually very funny, whilst the emotional moments do really strike a chord and carry some weight. Similarly, the action is really great and exciting too. Seeing Spider-Man take on the Vulture makes for some really cool action and it all seems very dangerous too. The special effects are good enough to match too and so the whole thing ends up looking rather fantastic.

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ is a great return to form for one of the greatest superheroes. He works so well in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and fits in perfectly. everything works really well and it makes it an exciting prospect for the future. Jon Watts has done a great job of reintroducing us to Spider-Man and making him fresh and new whilst still being the same great hero.



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