Baby Driver – Film Review

Edgar Wright is back, baby!! And this film is awesome. He’s been working on it for 20 years and has finally made his baby a reality, and it is well worth the wait. This movie is bold, fast and fun.

Baby (Ansel Elgort) is an amazing getaway driver. He has tinnitus from a car accident when he was younger and so always plays a killer soundtrack to drown out the noise and keep him focused. He wants to get out of the game though and be with Debora (Lily James), a waitress who he falls in love with. It probably isn’t the most original story of all time. In fact, it isn’t really. But Wright manages to Wright and direct it in such a way – his way – that it all feels so fresh.

The acting performances all round are great. Elgort is great as Baby, a young guy who doesn’t like the business he’s in or the people around him. He has great chemistry with Lily James and the two are great together. Kevin Spacey as crime boss Doc is really great casting. He’s calm but menacing and he is really in charge of every situation. Jamie Foxx as the unhinged Bats is also really good. He really gets across the craziness and is actually kind of scary. Eliza Gonzalez and Jon Hamm round out the crew as a husband and wife team of bank robbers who are a little crazy in their own right. Everyone is really great and everyone is very believable.

Wright is known for his comedy, as for sure some of that is definitely on show here. There’s a few funny exchanges dotted throughout the film and some funny visual character stuff too. But the comedy really takes a back seat here to the action and crime elements of the film. I’m not sure how Wright has managed to transition from comedy to filming amazing driving sequences, but he has fully nailed it here. The car chases are choreographed perfectly and feature some really cool driving. There’s skids and drifts and lots of tricky stunts. And Wright frames it all amazingly. There’s never a second of the action missed and it all looks perfect.

Wright has also always had a knack for picking great soundtracks, and ‘Baby Driver‘ is no exception. The tunes match up perfectly with the action and the emotions in each scene and are enjoyable in their own right. But the way the music blends with the action is incredible and only serves to heighten the awesomeness of the entire film.

This film is really great. It’s ‘Drive‘ but with a lighter, more fun tone. Edgar Wright has really knocked it out of the park with this one. Everything works so well and the car chases set to music are such a perfect thing to watch. This is a really really great film.



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