Four Weddings and a Funeral – Jack’s Favourite Film Reviews

Another day, another of Jack’s favourite romantic comedies. Another Hugh Grant performance, another Richard Curtis script and another awesome British film that makes you laugh and cry and enjoy yourself.

Set literally almost exclusively at four separate weddings and a funeral, the film sees our characters search for love of their own and contemplate death as they drink and chat and romance their way through each occasion. Hugh Grant’s Charles is the main character we follow as he falls for American girl Carrie, played by Andie MacDowell. Over the course of all these occasions, the determined not to get married Charles finds himself falling for Carrie more and more, finally wondering if a relationship could be for him.

The cast is great. Hugh Grant is as charming as affable as ever. Yes, he may play the same sort of bumbling, lovable guy in all his films, but he’s great at it and here is no different. Andie MacDowell for some reason has been voted one of the most annoying characters of all time, something which I feel is rather unfair. She’s not the greatest character no, but she’s a great actress and isn’t that annoying. She’s okay. Simon Callow is a stand out performance though as the extravagant Gareth. He’s the life of every party and is really hilarious. Kristin Scott Thomas, Charlotte Coleman, John Hannah and James Fleet round out the group of friends attending every event and they are all equally quirky and funny and have their own love lives to deal with.

The writing is great. Richard Curtis has always been great at stuff like this. It’s emotional without getting too sentimental or soppy. But most of all, it’s really really funny. From Rowan Atkinson’s nervous vicar to Charles getting stuck in a room with a very much in love couple, it’s all great. And while it does touch on love and marriage as themes as well as death and heartbreak, it never strays too far from being a comedy and it always lightens the mood when things get too too dark.

This is a really great feel good film and one that is always enjoyable. Richard Curtis and Hugh Grant form a team that will earn them great success over and over, as well as giving audiences and great laugh and some real feels.



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