Edgar Wright – Jack Reviews People

Edgar Wright is a great director and one that has a very distinct style. His directing and camera work is fast and frenetic, much like his comedy. The editing works well with his great music choices and it’s all really funny to boot.

One of his more early works was as director of the Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson helmed television series ‘Spaced‘. Wright brought unusual camera angles, quick cuts and movements and the sort of fast paced editing styles that he would become so known for later. But it’s with ‘Shaun of the Dead‘ that he would really make a name for himself. Teaming up with Simon Pegg to write the romantic comedy zombie movie, they crafted a film that is both hilarious and a little bit scary. Mostly hilarious though.

Wright does the same with ‘Hot Fuzz‘. Me manages to expertly parody the genre, this time the buddy cop movie, while also being respectful and demonstrating his love for it. It’s played for laughs and sometimes a touch of emotion, but it’s always done in a loving way. And all Wright’s trademarks are there. The fast camera movements, the quick cutting and the visual comedy as well as the verbal.

With ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World‘, Wright cranked the dial up to 11. There were tons of video game references the the visual style of the film reflected that. Lots of CGI effects and colours, lots of music cues and action that is taken straight from games and the comic book itself. It’s not his best movie but you can tell he really had a lot of fun with it and it is really great. The comic book/video game style really suits his directing style.

Then there was ‘The World’s End’, which is close to being my favourite of Wright’s films I think. It has more feeling and emotion and deals with more themes than the others I think. Themes of friendship and growing up. It also has some great comedy and a great premise in a pub crawl riddled with alien robots. One thing Wright has always been great at is comedy. The visual comedy is great, managing to make something like pouring 4 pints of lager and 1 of water seem funny through camerawork and sound.

Then there’s the verbal comedy. The clever wordplay jokes, the funny comments and the back and forth between his characters has always been great. It’s one of the things he is best at, and when teamed with Simon Pegg in the writing room the two always knock it out of the park.

Edgar Wright is a really great writer and director. He’s funny, has his own visual style that really boosts the comedy value and touches upon some great themes. It makes his films really enjoyable and worth watching over and over again.


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