Drive – Film Review

What a cool movie ‘Drive‘ is! From the star down to the soundtrack, it’s all so stylish and slick. This is one of those films that is so cool it’s the cool thing to do to tell people it’s cool, even though they should already know how cool it is. So let’s do the review. Cool?

Ryan Gosling is the Driver. He has no name because he’s so cool. He’s a mechanic, a stunt driver for movies and also moonlights as a getaway driver. Pretty cool huh? He takes a liking to Carey Mulligan who lives down the hall from him. She has a kid and a husband who has just got out of prison but is still in a lot of debt with some bad dudes. Gosling agrees to help him with a job so he can get out of the game, but he ends up being drawn further in. Not so cool. It’s a pretty cool crime story and one that has some interesting turns as you try and guess how the Goose is going to get out of trouble.

Speaking of the Goose, he is great as the Driver. He barely talks, he is very capable and he’s a great character to have as a protagonist. The fact that he rarely speaks more than a few words but you can read his emotions perfectly is a testament to his great acting ability. Carey Mulligan is really good as Irene, ‘the girl down the hall’. She’s a nice person and gets caught up in the drama as much as the Goose does. Albert Brookes is perfect as the menacing villain of the film, a crime boos with no eyebrows. He most definitely is not cool and he’s really sadistic and evil. Brooks is such a great actor that he sells it all so well. Ron Perlman as his associate is also great, though he’s the sort of villain who is a lot louder and more offensive than Brooks. Bryan Cranston is also in this film as Gosling’s bumbling boss and he’s a really likable guy. He’s a bit of a fool at some points yes, but he’s a nice enough guy and Cranston is obviously a great actor. Oscar Isaac and Christina Hendricks also make appearances and are pretty decent, though don’t get as much to do as the others.

There isn’t as much drive in ‘Drive‘ as you would have thought. There’s about 2 car chases and that’s it. They’re very solid car chases, though the film doesn’t need to be all action and car chases. They work really well at demonstrating Gosling’s driving skills and they are pretty awesome, but we don’t need more of them. The plot flows really well and is very tense at times. But the real highlight of the movie is director Nicolas Winding Refn. His style shines through with lots of cool camera angles, some abnormal sound design and some real good production design. The music perfectly blends with the visuals as well, with some songs and a score by Cliff Martinez acting as a super cool soundtrack.

Overall, this is, you guessed it, a cool film. A really cool film. Everything works so well and the stylistic choices make it look really great. The music is awesome, the acting is fantastic and the story works really well. It’s just so cool.



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