Notting Hill – Jack’s Favourite Film Reviews

Ooh I do love a rom-com! And especially a Hugh Grant rom-com! I’m not usually a fan of Julia Roberts, but she makes some good rom-coms too. I also like Richard Curtis written rom-coms. Is it any wonder then why I like this rom-com so much?! Of course not! I love it because it is great!

Hugh Grant is Will, a normal guy who runs a travel book store in Notting Hill. He has normal friends, and nothing all that interesting ever really happens to him. That is, until Anna Scott (Roberts), world famous actress, bumps into him in his shop and then again on the street. This random encounter begins a whirlwind of a relationship that has lots of ups and downs. It’s quite an interesting story, one which writer Richard Curtis has said he thought up from the idea of turning up to dinner with his friends with the most famous woman on the world. It’s kind of bizarre and leads to a lots of laughs.

The cast are great too. Hugh Grant is, well, his usual Hugh Grant self. He stumbles through sentences, is more charming and affable than any man that has ever lived and delivers emotion that feels real and genuine. I tend to not enjoy Julia Roberts’s acting in movies. I find her a bit annoying. And yes, her character can be a little annoying in this film too, but I actually really enjoy her still. She does emotion as well as she does flustered and annoyed, which is very well. She has some great lines too. I can never not start crying during the whole, ‘I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy’ speech. Gets me every damn time.

The rest of the supporting cast is good too, with Rhys Ifans putting in quite a funny performance. The whole cast is one of the reasons this film succeeds. They all work off each other so well, they seem like they’re best mates. And the Richard Curtis script is great. It’s so funny. The situations that arise and the way Will deals with them is hilarious, with some scenes being extended just long enough to squeeze even more laughs out of them. Plus there’s the quieter emotional moments too. This film doesn’t just feature romantic eye watering moments, but also sad and emotional eye watering moments. However the film never lingers on them, often lightening the mood with a joke to undercut the tension like the good old British love to do.

Notting Hill‘ is such a good film. It’s a great fantasy of a romantic comedy with two great lead performances and some good story elements. Romantic, emotional and above all very very funny, this film is one of the best of all time in my opinion. A great comment on fame and celebrity relationships, it’s a real winner all round. Watch it!



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