The Flash Season 3 – TV Review


The Flash is my favourite superhero, so naturally I’m going to love a TV show about him. But it really does help that this show is mostly very good. Yes it may stray from greatness from time to time, but on the whole it is really great.

This season picks up where season 2 left off. Barry has run back in time to save his mother from death at the hands of the Reverse Flash and is now living in the world of Flashpoint, an alternate reality where both his parents are alive. Barry soon begins to lose memories though and quickly reverses his actions and lets his parents be killed. However, the ripples in time created by his decision don’t just disappear and new threats are created. There’s Alchemy, a guy who shoots lasers and gives people superpowers and turns out to be new character Malfoy from Harry Potter. He’s a real jerk but eventually breaks free of this persona and joins team Flash and actually becomes a useful member. The real big bad of this season is yet another speedster: Savitar. He claims to be a speed god and wears a massive armoured suit. He’s pretty scary and very menacing. The mystery of who he really is was kept secret for much longer than ever before, not revealing his identity until the end of episode 20! But what a reveal! An evil future version of Barry himself? I like it! It’s an interesting decision to have the villain be a dark version of the hero himself.

As usual the rest of the cast is great. Iris is still getting more and more to do, with her impending death giving her character some real tough decisions and emotions to come to terms with. Joe, as always, is amazing at being the greatest father ever. Cisco is great, still referencing movies as the team faces down new baddies. He even develops a relationship with fellow vibe-er Gypsy, which feels totally natural. Cisco becoming Vibe fully and even getting a suit is really cool and makes him a great character on multiple fronts now. Caitlin meanwhile undergoes one of the most radical changes. Flashpoint leaves her battling her inner Killer Frost persona, trying to not succumb to the evil ice lady stuck inside her. She does though, and it gives her a whole menacing routine to perform which is pretty good.

One character who I really didn’t enjoy in season 2 was Wally. And he even starts off this season being a little annoying, pining after speed powers and complaining a lot. However, he soon gets speed powers and becomes Kid Flash and that’s when he becomes a really great character. He’s fun (mostly) and gets a cool costume and it’s very enjoyable seeing him and Barry run and train together. Tom Cavanagh is back again as yet another Harrison Wells, this time called H.R. He’s an eccentric writer, not a scientist and is more of an ideas man and team morale booster than his previous incarnations. Cavanagh is always great as every persona and is one of the joys of this show. Barry himself is a bit darker this season which isn’t as pleasant, but Grant Gustin is still a great actor and handles everything well, especially being an evil version of himself.

The problems with this season are the same as any TV show that has 23 episodes. Some episodes can feel like filler and distract from the main plot. There’s a couple of ‘villain of the week’ type episodes and some that bear little consequence on the rest of the proceedings. There are also some problems in the relationship between Barry and Iris. For a lot of the season it seems like they’re only together because that’s how it is in the comics. Their relationship doesn’t feel real. That being said, when Iris’s life is at stake and Barry must fight to save her the problems are remedied and you can feel the emotion.

There are some real standout episodes in this season. The finale was really good, providing a solid finish to the season. The two part Gorilla Grodd arc was awesome and had some phenomenal special effects, not only for a TV budget but also better than some films! But by far one of my favourite episodes has to be the crossover with Supergirl, that sees the two heroes up against Music Meister who puts them both into a musical dream world. Yes, it’s a musical episode! The cast really show off their Broadway talents with singing and dancing and some real relationship drama. It’s all great and very very fun. I love it!

Overall, while this wasn’t the best season of ‘The Flash‘, it wasn’t a bad one by any stretch. It has some great development of characters and leaves it on a good cliffhanger for season 4. It might not be perfect but it does my favourite superhero justice. I can’t wait for another season of this great show. Season 4 can’t come fast enough!



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