The Final Girls – Film Review

It’s called ‘The Final Girls‘, so you know it will be a bit self aware of the horror film it is. What you don’t expect is just how much fun that will be, and definitely not how emotional it will turn out to be. Now I don’t tend to like horror films, but this one seems a bit more of a comedy than a horror. That’s not to say it doesn’t have some familiar elements though.

Max lost her mother in a car accident three years ago. She was a budding actress but never made it big before her death. She did however star in a cult horror movie, the aptly named ‘Camp Bloodbath‘. Max and her friends attend an anniversary event at the cinema where the film will be screened. When a fire starts, they escape through the screen but inexplicably find themselves inside the movie! The characters are the same, the killer is there, and Max’s mother is still alive too. It’s actually a really good set up for a story that’s poking fun at horror films while also being a love letter to those of the 80’s, ‘Friday the 13th‘ in particular.

The cast are all pretty good. Taissa Farmiga is really good as Max and Malin Akerman is even better as her mom. They have some really touching moments together that provide a really strong emotional centre to the film. Horror films aren’t usually very emotional, but this one really is touching at times. Other characters of note are Thomas Middleditch as Duncan, the horror super fan who notices the things they need to know about the film whilst geeking out, and Adam Devine, who plays an overly sexual jock in the film and it utterly hilarious.

The film is actually pretty funny itself, with the protagonists encountering flashbacks, slow motion and some gory deaths as they try to find a way to stop the murderous Jason Billy. There’s action, laughs, emotion and some horror. It isn’t much of a horror film when it comes down to it though. There’s not that many scares, it’s more just the occasional bloody death and the giant, silent killer chasing them that brings this close to a horror film. But that’s not bad thing.

The film is a playful homage to those 80’s teenage horror films where sexed up teens get killed at a camp. Throw in some laughs and some actual emotion and this is what you get. It’s actually pretty good. There’s nothing super amazing or stand out here, but it’s an enjoyable film and one that horror fans will probably find particularly fun.



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