La La Land – Film Review

I’m not a particularly huge fan of musicals, but I am a big fan of romance. This film makes me want to watch more musicals, despite the fact I know none of them could possibly be as good as this one. Seriously, ‘La La Land‘ is an incredible film. Not only a great modern musical, but also a great romance story.

The film sees aspiring actress Mia (Emma Stone) and aspiring jazz club owner Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) meet, argue, then fall in love with one another on their personal quests to be who and where they want to be in life. The chemistry between the two leads is off the charts. They’re both so good and even better together. They were great actors before, but having to sing and dance is something else entirely. And they’re both really good at that too! You’d almost think they were professionals. The singing is so good and the dancing is a joy to watch. Everything works so well with the two of them.

The other leading star of this film is of course the songs themselves. there’s a lot of pleasant instrumental stuff running throughout, giving off that classical Hollywood mixed with jazz vibe. And the other songs are also really great. Everything is so chipper and pleasant to listen to. It makes you want to sing along and dance through the streets. Lots of credit has to go to director Damien Chazelle too as the production design and camerawork is really stunning. From the sets to the lighting to the dream sequences and the long takes of the songs. It all looks really beautiful to watch.

‘La La Land‘ is a really great film. Really really. And yes, the whole film isn’t all happy stuff. there’s sad parts too. But when I finished watching this film I just felt so in awe, so surprised and satisfied and so happy. And really, isn’t that what makes a great film really great?



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