The Trip to Spain – TV Review

After the sheer joy and exploration of the lives of Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in ‘The Trip‘ and ‘The Trip to Italy‘, they’re back again in ‘The Trip to Spain‘. Which one of them is the slightly more miserable one this time? Well, neither and both. But they’re both still hilarious.

This series sees the pair heading off for a tour of, you guessed it, Spain. As usual, the scenery is beautiful, the locations are amazing and the food looks spectacular. If ever there was a television show I could go into, it would be this. Everything just looks so good! But setting aside, what this show is really about is just two blokes who get on but constantly try to one up each other through a series of hilarious, and sometimes touching, conversations. The impressions are back. There’s Roger Moore (which Brydon nails), Mick Jagger (which Coogan excels at) and Michael Caine (which is difficult to choose between). But also there’s the more serious talks. The relationship issues take a back seat this time to focus more on the pair getting older and musing on death, but it’s all still fun, if a little dark.

This show is a real oddity in that you watch six half-hour episodes where it feels like nothing much is really happening at yet by the end of it you know so much more about the characters. Rob is a family man who sees life as it is, very black and white. Steve meanwhile has many complicated relationships and likes to think he sees the world differently, as though he is more enlightened. It makes for an interesting dynamic and when you do get past the impressions and one-upmanship, you realise it’s just because these two guys see things differently and have different cares and, more prominently, worries in the world. It really succeeds very well in laying the characters out there without you even noticing it.

But that’s what this show is all about. Two men, their problems and some great impressions, focused more on besting the other than on the beautiful scenery and food they encounter. It’s funny and at times a real think piece of a show. ‘The Trip to Spain‘ is definitely another worthy entry into this series and leaves it on a note which makes me look forward to more in the future.



One thought on “The Trip to Spain – TV Review

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