London Has Fallen – Film Review

I quite liked ‘Olympus Has Fallen‘. It was dumb but fun. This is more of the same, if not quite as good. It’s still a bit ‘Die Hard’, only this time in London. The plot is different but kind of the same and the action is a bit standard. It’s big, brutal and a little shoddy looking occasionally. But the important thing is, it’s fairly enjoyable and kind of fun.

This time the UK prime minister has died and all the world leaders are heading to London for the funeral, including Aaron Eckhart’s US president. Terrorists launch an attack and kill most of the leaders, but luckily for the president he’s got Gerard Butler’s super solider Mike Banning there to protect him. What follows is their attempt to escape London in the midst of a large scale terror attack that blows up a lot of London’s landmarks. It’s obviously fairly by the numbers and a bit stupid, probably highly implausible too but it makes for some action.

The action is okay. There’s nothing particularly amazing. This film, like its predecessor, benefits from an older rating, meaning blood and swearing are rife within. Now I don’t advocate either in real life, but in a film like this it’s quite enjoyable. Butler has some pretty great insults and quips, not to mention some sweet kills. The CGI explosions may not hold up very well, but there is one long take as Butler makes his way through a street filled with baddies and it is pretty epic. It almost doesn’t suit the movie.

The bad guys are one dimensional. I don’t know why they’re doing what they’re doing, and I don’t think the audience is really supposed to or even care. We’re just here for brain melting action and a couple of jokes here and there. And that’s what you get. Butler and Eckhart are good together, Morgan Freeman gets some good standing and sitting in a room looking grave moments and the rest of the cast are serviceable.

In essence this movie succeeds in what it’s meant to do. It was never going to be great. It was never going to be clever. All it was meant to be is big and fun and that’s what it is. Another big, dumb, fun action movie to just stick on and maybe watch in the background. I am looking forward to the next one ‘Angel Has Fallen‘ and I hope they keep making these forever and ever. I want a bigger adventure in ‘The United States Has Fallen‘ and then a space one in ‘The I.S.S. Has Fallen‘. Keep it going forever! Take it to Hawaii. Take it to the moon. I don’t care where it goes and really, it doesn’t matter. I just want dumb, stupid fun.



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