Fast & Furious 6 – Film Review

So the opening credits for this film feature clips from all the previous movies. Is it earned? No. I don’t think so. There were five movies before this. I’ve seen three of them. One of them was okay. A sixth entry in a franchise doesn’t mean you can automatically start trying to get everyone back on side by showing how far they’ve come. The only thing that has changed apart from the slight incline is quality is the budget of the movies.

Oh, and another thing. Just because you say you’re a family all the time does NOT make you a family! You’re a group of friends who occasionally hang out when they have to do some sort of mission. The only family is Paul Walker’s Brian who has a girlfriend and a baby. That’s the only family in this story. So stop saying it!

That being said, this movie is okay. It’s slightly better than ‘Fast Five‘ which was slightly better than the others I’ve seen. This one finds Luke Evans as a bad guy trying to steal something or other to do some bad things. I can’t really remember that part. The main thing is one of his evil team is Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty, Dom’s old girlfriend who everyone thought was dead but actually survived and just lost her memories. Dom’s team is recruited by the Rock to stop the bad guys and save the day. Why recruiting some wanted criminals is the best decision for the job, I don’t know. But it sure helps them skip all the debating about stuff. Nobody debates anything. Everyone is to the point and they do what they say. They’re all very wooden. Especially Vin Diesel. I can barely understand him sometimes as he growls through sentences seemingly in an effort to not move his lips at all.

The Rock is okay once again, but is still quipping left and right to try and get off some of the best one liners in the film. He gets very dramatic music cues when all he is doing is walking through a door. Why? Because he’s the Rock and he’s cool! Of course… More oft he focus is on Michelle Rodriguez too, which isn’t a great thing as she’s not exactly a great actress. Tyreese Gibson gets a lot of lines but he’s not funny at all. Not to me as the audience and not to any of the characters in the film either. But that won’t stop him and the others trying to have a laugh when the bad guys are literally crushing innocent people in a tank. Rita Ora is forced in for a pointless, poorly acted cameo and there’s a random British guy who is super pompous for literally no reason except to make some poor jokes and waste some time. Luke Evans is an okay bad guy, but hardly memorable and the rest of the cast are just there. They don’t stand out from one another very much. I barely know what their specialty skills are as they all do the same things anyway. Except for Paul Walker. I will say he is probably the best actor in this and the most real character there is. He’s okay.

There’s a street race plonked in because this is still a ‘Fast & Furious’ film. I don’t get how they work though. They drive through all the streets (filled with normal cars!) and then the finish line is miles away at some traffic lights. How do people know?! How does anyone find out who won?! I have no idea! There’s also a lot of people just chatting about cars, which I guess is just to keep up the appearance that this is still a car movie and not just a generic action movie. But that doesn’t make this film any more real. Nothing is real here. The physics make no sense. Also at one point a woman falls down some stairs and I swear to god she lands on her neck and I cringed so hard. “She’s dead!” I shouted. But then she just got up and was completely fine. The fist fights are long and unreal. Nobody breaks their hands or the other person’s face at all. Nobody ever really wins them so what’s the point??

This film does however have one very awesome, very hilarious redeeming moment. Vin Diesel’s diving headbutt. It’s incredible and couldn’t come at a more serious moment to break all the tension. I love it! That being said, this movie is okay I guess. It’s enjoyable, you could stick it on in the background and not pay attention. It’s watchable is what I’m saying. But still, I don’t get how this franchise continues…



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