Ghostbusters II – Film Review

The first film is so good. A real classic. Is this one more of the same? Yes. It is. Basically it’s the exact same. The plot is beat for beat the exact same down to a giant walking thing at the end.

The plot follows the Ghostbusters who are pretty much out of business. People seem to have forgotten that they saved the city from a giant wormhole full of ghosts and they’ve been sued for property damage. So that’s what saving the world gets you huh? They’re soon called back into action though when rivers of pink slime in the sewers act on the negative energy of the population and bring loads of ghosts into the city. Everyone is back for the action!

It’s still a pretty funny film. Bill Murray is on top form as always and Harold Ramis, Dan Akroyd and Ernie Hudson are all very comical. Rick Moranis gets even more to do this time round which is great because that guy is just so funny in whatever he does. Annie Potts gets more of a story as Janine and Sigourney Weaver is back as Dana. But really, everything is just so samey. The ooze makes ghosts more active, the Ghostbusters are forced to act, people don’t believe them and then they have to save Dana from a weird demon again. Only this time it isn’t a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man it’s a walking Statue of Liberty.

Look, it’s in no way bad. It’s enjoyable. It’s just nothing new. If they could have changed the story at all it may have been a much better movie, but for my money, it’s just another case of a sequel being a rehash of the original. Fun, but nothing new.



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