Olympus Has Fallen – Film Review

This film was never going to be revolutionary. It was never going to be amazing, or perfect or anything particularly new. It was just going to be loud, dumb, stupid action packed fun with extra blood spurts and swearing. And you know what? It succeeds. Mostly…

Aaron Eckhart is the widowed president who is held hostage when the White House comes under attack and is taken over by North Koreans. Gerard Butler is the secret service agent inside trying to save him. Simple stuff. If it sounds like a ‘Die Hard‘ movie, that’s because it basically is. Bruce Willis could just as easily replace Butler in this. Well, maybe 15 years ago it would have been better than modern day Bruce. Butler is good though as a tough hard man named Mike.

The action itself is decent. Lots of running and gunning. The special effects aren’t too great. Explosions and blood splatters look a bit cartoonish but I can give them a pass. There’s some hand to hand stuff which is very close quarters and very brutal. I think this film could have been more family friendly but they decided to amp up the blood, violence and swearing. It works mostly. Some of the hits are really hard and you can feel them. Plus there’s some great kills in there by Gerry B who growls his way through the film with great enjoyment.

Look, it’s not going to change the world of action movies and after all is said and done you might not remember it for years to come, but it’s an enjoyable way to spend 2 hours and it’s a great ‘Die Hard‘ sequel that never was. Dumb fun. That’s what it is and that’s what you get. What’s to complain about?



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