Sleepless in Seattle – Jack’s Favourite Film Reviews

We all know I love a romantic comedy, or at least you do now. And this is up there with my favourites. It’s a strange one. The two leads don’t actually meet each other until the final scene of the movie. Spoilers but, come on. If you haven’t seen it by now then what are you doing? You should reassess your life choices my friend…

Those two leads are Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, one of the best rom-com couples. Hank’s Sam has just lost his wife to cancer and must now look after their 8 year old Jonah alone. Ryan is Annie, engaged to be married to Bill Pullman. The two lead completely separate lives from one another. Hanks lives in Seattle, Ryan in Baltimore. No idea where those are in relation to each other, I’m guessing far though. When Jonah phones a radio talk show to get his dad on and talk about his sadness, Annie overhears and falls for him. What follows is the most romantic stalking there has ever been.

That they don’t meet until the end is just a testament as to how well each of their individual stories are crafted. Sam must recover from the loss of his wife and try to move on and find someone new and Annie feels something is missing from her relationship and is unsure about whether to go through with it. Both very real stories and both told with heaps of emotion and some comedy. Even the kid is pretty funny! He’s not very annoying at all which is unusual for kids in movies I find. Everyone is just so damn likable!

I love everything. The comedy is classic Nora Ephron and she also directed this one so she’s doubly on form! You spend this whole movie knowing that these two characters should be together. Are meant to be together. You just want it to happen so much! And the fact that you can get to the end and not be massively annoyed is great. And when it happens it is in no way an anticlimax. They meet at the top of the Empire State Building and everything is just so, ahh… so perfect. Brings a tear to my eye every time!

Sleepless in Seattle is such a great movie. It’s so comforting and lovely. It’s emotional and funny, real and yet also a bit corny. It’s great! You should watch it. You need to watch it. It’s an all time romance for the ages.



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