It Follows – Film Review

I don’t usually watch horror films. Most of them are rubbish. Also sometimes I get too scared… Only joking, nothing scares me! This film is a bit different though as it doesn’t rely on gore or jump scares and focuses more on creeping you out than instant horror which, in the long run, is actually scarier I think.

The story involves a demon that passes from person to person through sex like some sort of malevolent STI. It can take the form of anyone and will follow you at a walking pace until it kills you. You can pass it on to someone else, but if they die it comes back to you. Creepy right?! If diseases won’t put you off sex then a demon trying to kill you definitely will! But not Maika Monroe, who finds the demon is now after her and her and her friends must find a way to avoid it or stop it.

The concept is simple but great. Seeing some random old granny or a teenager slowly walking towards you that nobody else can see is pretty terrifying. The tension is real! There are no explanations, no safety and just lots of fear. And it works. It’s spooky without having to rely on gore on jump scares. The characters are well sketched out and their individual stories and fears play out over the course of the story. These aren’t just stupid horror movie kids, these are modern day, kind of smart kids.

For a horror movie, this film is great. For a movie this film is pretty great. It is scary and creepy and enjoyable to watch, which is more than you get with 90% of horrors these days. That alone makes it worth a watch I reckon. Just be careful who you sleep with or you’ll always be looking over your shoulder. Demons or otherwise….



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