Suicide Squad – Film Review

Suicide Squad looked good. The trailers were fun, had cool soundtracks. Everyone looked like they were having a great time. Yes it looked like it was trying to be the next ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘, but it was funny and looked cool and new. Then we saw the whole film…. It wasn’t very good.

Look, Marvel have built a great universe and DC wanted to do the same. That’s fine. But Marvel earned that universe and DC have tried to fast track it by cramming stuff into their films. (I’m looking at you ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘). People didn’t mind ‘Man of Steel‘. People generally hated ‘Batman v Superman‘. Why on earth would you make the third film (really second as Man of Steel was made as a standalone) in your new cinematic universe one focused on bad guys? Who knows. And you’d think they’d want to be a winner after the negative reviews they’ve been getting so far. But sadly, ‘Suicide Squad‘ is a pretty terrible movie.

The movie was marketed as fun. It wasn’t. Nothing in this movie screams fun. The soundtrack features a plethora of great songs but every single song is forced in and doesn’t work. All but about 4 of the characters are pushed to the sidelines and get nothing to do and the ones that do aren’t all that great. The action is bland and uninventive, the villain is boring, the dialogue is shoddy, the special effects are average and everything just falls flat. Fun it ain’t.

So, the story goes that Enchantress has gone rogue and is seeking to destroy the world with a blue beam of light going into the sky and has taken over a city and turned people into weird, garbage people. Amanda Waller forms Task Force X, a team consisting of a load of bad guys with bombs in their heads, in order to stop her. What baffles me is that this team is formed with the view that they could stop a Superman if he ever went rogue. There’s no way any of them would even last more than 10 seconds against Superman. But luckily for them they don’t have to in this film.

Will Smith as Deadshot is probably the closest to a main character this film has. He gets the lines, the backstory, the action moments. None of it is particularly amazing, but Smith is being himself and he is quite good at it. Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn, a character that everyone loves and wanted to see but is mostly just a skimpy costume and weird facial expressions. She gets a lot to do but she is a bit annoying at times. Viola Davis as Amanda Waller is very good. Whilst not a bad guy, she has an evil side and it is very believable. Joel Kinnaman is Rick Flag, the good guy leader of the team. He’s a very cut and paste action character, bland and uninteresting, despite having more character moments than most of the other cast. And then there’s Jared Leto as the Joker. He spent time alone to prepare for the role, sent his castmates strange gifts in the post, stayed in character on set. His appearance was much hyped! And then he’s in the film for about 5 minutes… You barely get time to assess what his Joker will be like. He’s a weird, gangster type. He’s a bit different from those before him, but there’s not enough of him to decide.

The rest of the cast includes Captain Boomerang (who has a severe lack of boomerangs), El Diablo (who has some good moments), Katana (whose soul stealing sword doesn’t steal any souls), Killer Croc (whose big moment involves him swimming when there was absolutely no need for him to) and Slipknot (who is the most pointless character ever). They all get one small moment to justify them being in the movie and having their name, but none of them are all that interesting. Enchantress amounts to a lot of arm waving and magic lights and is an altogether waste of a villain. The best bits of the movie involve the 30 seconds that involve Batman. It’s not even his movie!

Other than opening the world up and getting a bit more comic book-y, this movie just has nothing. No substance, no fun, no point. Seriously, any movie that has to force the title into a line like “what are we? Some kind of Suicide Squad?” is badly written. David Ayer may have wrangled together a cast that became best friends and had a jolly old time together, but none of that comes across in the movie. It isn’t as fun as was promised, and it definitely shouldn’t be the third movie in a cinematic universe about some of the greatest superheroes ever created. “What is this? Some kind of cinematic universe suicide attempt?” (That quote was by me)



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