Good Will Hunting – Jack’s Favourite Film Reviews

Wow! What a film! Good Will Hunting is such a great film. The story, the writing and especially the performances. Robin Williams is perfect, Matt Damon is great, Minnie Driver, Ben Affleck and Stellan Skarsgard are all really good. Everything just works.

The story follows troubled young Will who solves incredibly difficult equations at a posh school whilst he’s mopping the halls. When he’s discovered, job offers come flying, but he doesn’t want any of them. It’s then he starts seeing Robin Williams’s therapist, Sean. Their relationship is the heart of the movie. Seeing Sean try to get through to Will is both frustrating and heartbreaking, emotional on all levels. The more you get to know the characters, the more you care for them. That might sound obvious, but every encounter opens them up a little bit more and furthers our understanding of them as real people.

The film deals with Will’s relationship with his friends, his girlfriend, the professor who wants him to succeed and most importantly with therapist Sean. Each relationship gets given plenty of time and what each characters wants and feels for Will is made clear. Everything is just great. It’s such an uplifting story. Great characters and dialogue. And Robin Williams is just fantastic. His scripted stuff, his improvised stuff. He’s incredible. One of his best performances. His scenes with Damon are so powerful and emotional. It really is great stuff.

Plenty of credit has to go to Damon and Affleck though for crafting such an amazing story. For two pretty much up-and-comers to write and manage to star in their own film and for it to be this good is quite a feat. The writing is so great and so tight and so emotional. I keep saying emotional I know. I’m just an emotional person. But trust me this film is quite emotional. And it earns every moment.

Good Will Hunting is great. Really great. One of my favourite movies. Every time I watch it I feel as though it’s my first time watching it again. I get lost in the story of Will and his relationships, lost in the amazing performances. I laugh, cry, gasp and cheer. It really is great. And also emotional. Did I mention it was emotional?



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