The Walking Dead Season 7 – TV Review


I used to love The Walking Dead but every season the showrunners seem to want to make me hate it. Usually at least one half of the season is good whilst the other is mostly filler, but this season changed things up! And not for the better. This season was ALL filler and almost all terrible.

Season 6 ended with the survivors in a line on the ground with new bad guy Negan about to beat one of them to death with a baseball bat. And then it ended without showing us who it was. What a terrible cliffhanger. And then season 7 finally came about and they made us wait at least 20 minutes to find out who died. It was Abraham. A character I liked but he wasn’t an A-list character and so it was a bit underwhelming. Then they faked us out and killed Glenn too! It was brutal, I kind of liked the twist, but making us wait was not a great move and it was quite annoying. Especially after the Glenn death fake out last season. It was a premiere that wasn’t really that worth the wait.

Then the season got going. Only, it didn’t really get going. Characters wandered about aimlessly looking sad and doing nothing productive. We got filler episode after filler episode. We got an episode focusing on Tara on her own little adventure. Great…. Not. We were introduced to a new settlement ruled by King Ezekiel and his tiger. That was okay, the tiger looks great but too much time was wasted with nothing much happening. Characters became boring and unlikable. The story moved nowhere for at least 7 episodes. It just became a bit tiresome tuning in every week to watch it.

There were some okay episodes. The episodes either side of the mid-season break showed some promise and an episode or so after that had some interesting parts, but generally nothing happened. Back in some previous seasons like 3 to 5, I began to dislike the characters. They all became unlikable and I didn’t care for any of them. I started to like them again gradually but this season I hate a lot of them again. Rosita. Annoying. Sasha. Never liked anyway and glad she’s dead now. Daryl. Turned into a massive wimp but he seems to finally be doing some stuff again thankfully. Rick. Perfected his horrible cry face this year but started growing a beard again along with some balls so that’s okay. Maggie. Did nothing much. Kind of annoying. Carol. Super annoying! Morgan. Kind of annoying but still has some good moments even though his character is confusing. All the other characters. Didn’t really do much except interject annoying comments every now and then. Negan. He’s okay as a bad guy, but he’s a bit too cartoonish. My most hated character has been Carl ever since Lori left the show, but in this season he’s less annoying. Granted he is in it less, but he’s still less annoying when he is.

The best episode of this season was the finale. It had some good plot movement, good action and people looked like they were actually acting in this one! There was no terrible CGI dump or deer, no boring talking or aimlessness. It was pretty good. The set up for war next season was also good, but taking 16 episodes to set it up? Unacceptable. They could probably squeezed it down to half a season at least. But no, got to fill as much time as possible…

I don’t want to pin all the blame on showrunner Scott Gimple, but I will anyway. The Walking Dead is a show that has so much potential and when it’s good it’s great. But there’s too much filler, too much sidetracking, too much of nothing. And it just gets boring and frustrating. I’m not saying rush to the good stuff or have action every week, but do SOMETHING! There’s only so much pointless character turns and wandering through the woods I can take! I really hope season 8 delivers on the set up and promise because otherwise more and more viewers are going to drop off and The Walking Dead will be brought to a premature end as a ghost of its former self. I still like this show and will continue to watch it. My hopes just aren’t too high anymore. I have measured hopes for the next season. I still like this show.



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