Power Rangers – Film Review

I used to watch Power Rangers as a kid. Which series, I don’t know. They’re all much the same anyway really. All I remember is that some kids would morph into their suits, fight a horde of faceless bad guys, the main bad guy was beaten, then he’d turn really big, the Rangers would get in their Zords, form the Megazord, beat up the bad guy and win. Standard stuff. This film is a little bit different.

When I say a little, I really mean only a little. And that little is the first two thirds of the film. A lot of this film is focused on the origin of the Power Rangers. Possibly too much for my liking. It takes its time introducing each character and bringing them together, then explores their relationships with one another as they train and learn to become Power Rangers. Every character has their ‘thing’, their own individual persona and accompanying teen problems, and the cast all do their jobs well. They’re clearly having fun together. It’s just that the movie isn’t as fun as it should be.

The tone shifts from wacky, teenage superhero fun to trying to be a gritty, teen drama and it just doesn’t mesh well. I’m all for seeing and exploring both of these tones, but they just don’t work together in this film. The shifts are too sudden and don’t fit together. I wish the movie would have just gone one route or the other. The gritty teen drama stuff is okay, but I could do without it. The Power rangers stuff is very goofy, and maybe that wouldn’t carry the whole movie, but more of it would have been nice.

The fight scenes, when there finally are some, are nothing special either. Seeing the kids suit up as the Power Rangers is cool, and seeing them fight a faceless horde of bad guys is fun, but only for a few minutes. Then it’s just some colourful costumed people fighting some generic bad guys and it isn’t all that creative or fun. And then they get in their Zords, giant dinosaur robots. And then it’s just a different kind of ‘Transformers‘ movie. And then they form the Megazord to fight a giant bad guy. Standard stuff. It’s just standard is all it is. Nothing really really bad, nothing that’s amazing.

How they are crafting a six film series out of this I don’t know. But I would like to see another film now that the origin is out of the way. I want to see more Power Rangers Power Ranger-ing, less teenagers moaning and arguing. There is some potential in this series I feel. If they can find a better bad guy for the next one and develop some better fight scenes, then it’ll be great. Make it more ‘Avengers‘ and less ‘Breakfast Club‘ meets ‘Transformers‘ and then maybe it’ll be a winner.



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