Steve Jobs – Film Review

I’m not a huge fan of Apple. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know really. I just don’t like them. What I do like however is everyone involved in this film. And what IĀ really like is this film! Set over the course of 3 different product launches, Steve Jobs explores the behind the scenes workings and relationships of some of the most influential people in Apple’s history. Specifically, Jobs himself.

Fassbender is brilliant as Jobs. Every emotion shows and every aspect of his personality is explored. I don’t know how accurate it is to real life, but Jobs is portrayed as a complicated individual who is nonetheless very interesting. The supporting cast are great too. Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels, Michael Stuhlbarg and Seth Rogen all deliver solid work as Jobs’s ensemble who are constantly getting into disagreements with him.

The real star of the show though has to be Aaron Sorkin and his screenplay. Sorkin is one of my favourites. His quick fire, witty dialogue is on top form here and is a joy to see the actors play with. Director Danny Boyle really lets the emotions come out and you feel every character in the film. It’s funny, emotional and interesting. Three things that really keep your attention throughout what could have been a bit of a boring 2 hour slog. Instead, you are rushed from room to room with the characters, getting caught up in every situation and problem as it arises. But not rushed in a bad way of course.

Steve Jobs is a great character study, one that is also very fun to watch. It isn’t often that these types of biopics are actually very fun, but there are moments of levity and comedy that land really well. And the drama is very poignant too. This film reinforces Steve Jobs as an icon and a titan of his industry. A complex individual with a genius mind.



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