Age of Dinosaurs – Film Review

Right. Where to start with this movie… First off, scenes like the one shown on the poster do not occur at all in this film. The dinosaurs are different, there’s no massive battle and it doesn’t look cool at all. Quite the opposite actually. You guessed it! This film sucks.

So, the film is basically a cheap Jurassic Park. Some scientists bring dinosaurs back to life for a museum exhibit, the dinosaurs break loose, people run scared, dinosaurs eat people. Only, Jurassic Park had one thing Age of Dinosaurs doesn’t. Fun. Well, fun, and a big budget, a great cast, a great director, awesome music, good special effects and lots of other things actually. But this film should be one of those stupid popcorn movies that is fun. But it isn’t.

Every part of this film is just rubbish. My personal favourite worst moment comes when (*VERY MINOR SPOILER*) one character decides to sacrifice himself by driving his motorbike at a knock off T-Rex and is killed before he barely even starts driving. It sums up what this film is: unsatisfying, stupid and painful.

Look, this film was never going to be good really. They try and make it work. The acting is terrible but for people they’ve probably just dragged off the streets it isn’t the worst ever. Close though. The special effects are obviously bad, but I suppose look marginally better than something a 5 year old has drawn on paint and then waved in the air. The story is also lacking. Treat Williams’s daughter hides from the dinosaurs in a cupboard for most of the film and he has to go and get her out. And fight off dinosaurs. Terrible.

I just don’t understand why all these low budget, terrible movies always feel the need to use dinosaurs or some variation of big, expensive to animate, scary CGI monster. Just stick some terrorists in there instead and save a few pennies for some actual talent within the production! This movie makes me sigh…



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