Creed – Film Review

I’m a massive fan of Rocky, so anything to further add to that world had me really excited. However, there was a slight worry that a misstep like Rocky V would destroy this franchise and leave me crying in a corner because one of my heroes had been ruined. Luckily for the franchise, the audience and especially me, Creed is amazing!

Creed follows Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis as he tries to make it in the boxing world much like Rocky and his late father Apollo did before him. He gets Rocky to train him, meets a lovely girl in Tessa Thompson and works his way up to fighting Tony Bellew’s ‘Pretty’ Ricky Conlan. The cast are all amazing, as is the story. It walks close to the story of the original Rocky, but deviates enough to make it new and exciting and fresh.

With a killer hip-hop soundtrack driving it forward, Creed still manages to find quiet moments for emotional character development. By the end, you’re rotting for every one of these characters and you’ll be up on your feet like you’re one of the crowd. You can tell from Jordan’s physique that he’s committed to this film, and so is director Ryan Coogler. The direction is great. From the acting to the fight scenes. The cinematography to the score. One boxing match is filmed entirely in one take and it’s phenomenal.

Seeing Sylvester Stallone Rocky return is a real joy. Stallone gives one of his best performances ever and they take Rocky’s story to some great places. He isn’t just tacked on to this film at all. The fights are choreographed so well you could fooled into believing they’re real. Every punch has an impact and it feels as gut-busting as some of the more emotional moments in this film. The film has real heart. In the relationships, in the story, in the drama. There’s heart all over the place!

Creed is an amazing film and a must see. If you’re a fan of Rocky or if you’re new to the franchise. It’s a knockout!*


*That knockout comment was a terrible cliche and this film deserves better. How about ‘it’s a champion!’? ‘It’s a real winner!’? ‘A number one contender!’? A MUST SEE!


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