Logan – Film Review

From the opening scene it is obvious that Logan is a different kind of X-Men movie. Sweary, bloody, brutal and real. This is what makes Logan stand out from the crowd and it is also part of what makes Logan so great. That and Hugh Jackman that is.

Logan is set in 2029, by which time most of the mutant population has died out. Wolverine’s healing factor is deteriorating as he cares for an old and weary Charles Xavier, played wonderfully by Patrick Stewart. The relationship between the elderly professor and Logan is a sad one, to see these characters we have loved so old and frail. With Logan driving a limo in order to care for Xavier, they barely get by. That is, until they cross paths with a young girl that changes everything. That young girl is X-23, a clone of Wolverine played by the excellent Dafne Keen. Her relationship with Logan is an important one and an emotional one, one that is tested as they hit the road together in order to escape the dark forces pursuing them.

The story is great. Emotional, powerful and exciting. You’re invested in these characters. It also helps that the movie is shot so beautifully too. The camera gives the locations time to breathe before closing in on the characters to not let them breathe.James Mangold has hit the sweet spot with his directing. Every shot, every character performance, very story beat works. even the score is both exciting and emotional. Even the villain characters portrayed by Richard E. Grant and Boyd Holbrook are grounded and realistic. That won’t stop you from hating them though.

I defy you not to get major feels all the way through this feel. I defy you even more to not enjoy it! Logan is a triumph of superhero filmmaking. A different kind of superhero movie and a more than fitting sendoff for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Even if it is a shame he may never appear on screen with Deadpool again, it more than makes up for it with what may be the best X-Men film to date!



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