School of Rock – Film Review

I like Jack Black but I feel his movies are very hit-and-miss. School of Rock is a definite hit. Black shines as a slacker who pretend to be a teacher to earn some money but ends up forming a rock band he hopes will win them a competition. It’s a cute, sometimes by-the-numbers plot but one that is always enjoyable. Especially with the cast.

Jack Black is at his best in this movie, embracing his rockstar persona to full effect. You can tell this is something he’s really passionate about. His spontaneous singing and musical riffs are incredible and hilarious. Black would easily steal the show if it weren’t for the cast of kids he begins teaching. Look, kids in movies are usually the worst. Most of the time they’re annoying and get given way too much screentime. Most of the time. These kids are fantastic. Each one of them gets their moments to perform for the band and they’re all as delightful as each other. Which is quite something for kid actors! Joan Cusack also plays her supporting role as a stern principal well, and her turn from stubborn and stuck up to more relaxed and chill is believable.

The other star of the movie though is the music. From the classic rock music used in the film to the original songs written and performed specifically for the movie, it’s all great. It’s a soundtrack I would happily listen to in a car and rock along to. Not that that’s a thing I do very often… The original songs in  particular are a joy, sounding perfectly rock and retro and playing to Black’s performing strengths. The musical performances are top quality and I would happily pay to see them live!

School of Rock is one of those films that is fun to just stick on and watch, enjoy and laugh. One of Jack Black’s better movies and definitely up there with other great comedy movies in general. Watch it, sing along with it, enjoy it, have fun. If there’s ever one school I’d like to attend, it’s the School of Roooooooock!



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