Ant-Man – Film Review

Honestly, I wasn’t massively excited about Ant-Man. Especially after Edgar Wright left the project. But I very much enjoyed the final product. Even more so than a good portion of the other Marvel films and superhero films in general. I mean, when you hear about a film where the main character, a superhero no less, can shrink and talk to ants, it does sound a bit strange to say the least. But when it’s funny and has heart it really does work.

Paul Rudd stars as Scott Lang, a small time thief who is recruited by Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) to become Ant-Man in order to pull off a heist that could potentially save the world. It turns out that being Ant-Man comes with some pretty sweet perks. Namely, being able to shrink down to the size of an ant and then also being able to communicate with them, forcing hordes of tiny ants to do your bidding. This is used to great effect, with ant-rafts, ant-ladders, ant-planes and even some electric ants that sound pretty scary. When villain Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) develops his own shrinking super suit Ant-Man suits up to stop him.

The film goes for more of a comedy tone than some other Marvel movies. It is light and fun and goes for heart over world-ending action and it works. Scott’s troubles with his ex-wife and daughter set a decent subplot that pays off with a great scene at the end of the movie. It’s this relationship drama that sets the film apart. It makes Scott’s motivations seem more human than just saving the world over and over again. The film is much smaller scale, with a final battle that is small and few people notice or care about. It’s the total opposite of the Avengers films and it’s very refreshing.

Supporting characters played by Micael Douglas and Evangeline Lily bring some emotional father-daughter beats and Michael Peña is hilarious in all his scenes. As with most Marvel movies, the villain is slightly lacking and forgettable and the plot is actually very similar to the first Iron Man film. However he is still fairly menacing during his scenes and you still cheer for Scott to take him down. Director Peyton Reed had an extremely tough job taking over from Edgar Wright but he has done a good job. Whilst there are still some obvious Edgar Wright-type moments, the film feels different however not completely like Reed’s own.

Overall, whilst the film still follows the same Marvel formula but on a smaller scale it is one of the more enjoyable Marvel efforts. Paul Rudd makes a great comedic hero and seeing him mingle with more Avengers will surely be hilarious. A refreshing superhero film that has a lot of heart and is a lot of fun.



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