Inside Out – Film Review

Pixar have come under fire in the past few years for their tendency to play it safe and make a few sequels. Now they’ve gone back to their roots and made a new, original film and it makes all the difference. Like, massively. I love this film!

Inside Out follows a young girl named Riley, who suddenly has to move house and to another city with her family. This traumatic time in her life is made all the more stressful when the emotions inside her head misplace her core memories, the most important, personality defining memories, and they must retrieve them. Sounds simple, but with the ideas and creations built into the film, it becomes something much greater. Some of the ideas are so real, the writers really hit the nail on the head when it comes to things that happen in real life. Things like the thought train and long term memory. It’s genius the way everything is brought together.

And that includes the acting. Mindy Kaling, Phyllis Smith and Bill Hader bring charismatic performances as Disgust, Sadness and Fear respectively, but it’s Lewis Black and Amy Poehler that steal the show here as Anger and Joy. Joy’s constant positive attitude and excitement for everything is very engaging, so much so that you feel happy watching her. It’s her story and you follow her every step of the way. Anger however is possibly the funniest character in the film. His constant outrage at various situations is hilarious and relatable in so many ways. But all of the characters are equally enjoyable and lovable in their own ways and they all play off each other so well, especially the eternally optimistic Joy and the miserable naysayer Sadness, whos adventures together form the bulk of the movie.

The story flows and the animation is incredible, as always. The colours and imagery are beautiful and even the music is great. Michael Giacchino’s score is brilliant, being happy when it needs to be or sad when it needs to be. It’s never dull. Which can be said for the entire film also.

Director Pete Docter, whos previous two efforts were Monsters, Inc. and Up, has pulled out all the stops and created not only his, but maybe one of Pixar’s best films. This is a film that will likely resonate with adults more than children, purely for the sheer amount of ideas and real emotion within. Kids will certainly love it and will probably relish being able to express their own emotions more freely. One of my favourite films of 2015 and more than just an animated film. Go and watch Inside Out people.



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