Jurassic World – Film Review

There’s a reason that Jurassic World has smashed so many box office records. It’s because it’s a damn fun film. And who doesn’t love dinosaurs right? And Chris Pratt for that matter? And the original Jurassic Park? There’s so much to get excited about even before you start watching this film.

However the excitement of seeing dinosaurs is one that is lost for the characters of the film. Having had a working dinosaur theme park (or world) for a number of years, some crazy scientists and business people believe it is a good idea to create a new, super hybrid dinosaur. Enter the Indominus Rex, a very scary, very smart, very large and very angry new dinosaur. Of course, it gets out. And of course, everything turns to chaos and the means running and screaming and dinosaurs everywhere!

The story is simple enough, and it’s one that is quite similar to Jurassic Park, but it works. The addition of a fully functioning park makes it interesting a new and following the characters around the park brings a certain sense of wonder that, if not fully, almost recaptures the awe of seeing dinosaurs for the first time back in 1993. That goes for most of the film. It is a fun, enjoyable film, but not quite as good as the first. However, it is certainly better than The Lost World and Jurassic Park III.

And what’s a big fun blockbuster film without an awesome hero? Well never fear, because the eternally likable Chris Pratt is here to provide all your dinosaur fighting needs. Pratt tones down the comedy for this one and is very believable as raptor trainer Owen, all round great guy. Bryce Dallas Howard does okay as Claire, uptight businesswoman who is the cause of all the problems in the park, however at times her acting is a bit wooden. Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson play possibly the least annoying kids in a film ever, which I have to give them great credit for. They are still fairly stupid though in some of the decisions they make, which is where most of the problems with this film lie. Not many of the characters are overly likable and some of them are poorly written. The acting is decent all round, but the characters sometimes say and do things that just don’t seem right.

Another problem with this movie, perhaps my biggest problem, is the over-reliance of CGI. The original Jurassic Park used minimal CGI, instead opting for puppets and animatronics. This made it seem real. Jurassic World however uses barely any. To my recollection, there is one scene between Chris Pratt and an Apatosaurus that is incredible, and it feels all the more real and emotional because of the animatronic dinosaur. That being said, the dinosaurs are undeniably the stars of the movie and the CGI is pretty good on the whole so it’s not a film breaking problem.

Writer director Colin Trevorrow has done a very good job though of bringing the Jurassic franchise back into the mainstream and creating a fun and thrilling blockbuster for the summer, making a film that fans of the old films and new fans alike can enjoy equally. There’s enough nostalgia in there to remind you of what came before and enough new ideas to make you think about what’s to come.



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