Volcanosaur – Film Review

Wow. When it comes to a film like this, how do you describe it? Such an epic title surely means the film itself will be too amazingly awesome to describe?

No. It doesn’t.

But let’s start with the story. In a small town called Ascension, a dormant volcano towers above, causing regular tremors. But when it begins releasing carbon dioxide and the tremors become more violent, the people of Ascension begin to realise something is wrong. But they don’t realise what truly lies within the mountain…

One look at the poster for this film and you’d be forgiven for thinking that what’s in the mountain is a volcano-t-rex hybrid. Wrong. It’s actually a giant tentacled crab monster thing. Which was the biggest disappointment of this film for me. Because it shakes the ground and bit and spreads some poisonous gas the then pops out right at the end. Not the lava spitting dinosaur movie I expected.

Other than that though, I guess it’s not the worst film ever. The acting is okay. The dialogue and story are a bit cliche. Not much really happens for quite a while and the ending is a bit of an anticlimax. You can watch this film and enjoy it. You couldn’t really watch it more than once though, I don’t think it would hold up.



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