The Gift – Film Review

So, I went to see ‘The Gift’ the other day, the directional debut by Joel Edgerton. I had seen that it had great reviews, but I only had a vague clue about its plot and was only mildly excited about seeing it.

Boy, did that change.

After seeing it I’m glad I didn’t know too much about the plot. The way it unfolds, while maybe a little slow yes, is masterfully handled and the twists and turns are brilliantly clever. The film builds up enough tension at times only to let you down gently that you begin to feel safe. That is, until it zips back up again and scares the living hell out of you. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a horror. It’s more of a psychological thriller. But that doesn’t mean it won’t creep you out.

Rebecca Hall and Jason Bateman play the couple who have moved house to begin a fresh start to their lives. You really get the sense that these two are an actual couple. I was worried as to whether Bateman could play a more serious role but he really pulls it off. He was one of the best parts of this film for me. Edgerton gives a subtle performance as Bateman’s old childhood friend who suddenly arrives back in their lives and really challenges the audiences conceptions about his character. You don’t know whether to feel sorry for him or be massively creeped out by him. But that’s the beauty of this film.

To go into detail on the plot would be to spoil too much of the film. This is a film best seen when little is known about it. Needless to say I would definitely recommend this film to people and would highly encourage you to see it.



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